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This Jamaican Ganja Events Web Page highlights and lists concerts happening throughout the island of Jamaica.  The Jamaican Ganja Events Web page is updated regularly so come back often.

You will find Jamaican concert listing information such as the Title, Address, E-mail Address, URL Address, Phone Number, Summary Description, and a Photo Gallery.

The New Jamaica Ganja Law Reform was effective April 15, 2015. There is a section that is entitled "Events to celebrate/observe the Rastafarian faith" which states “#26 - Persons who are adherents of the Rastafarian faith, or Rastafarian organizations, may apply for an event promoted or sponsored by them to be declared an exempt event. In order to apply, the event must be primarily for the purpose of the celebration or observance of the Rastafarian faith.” and “#27 - Where an event is declared exempt, persons who attend the event will not be liable to be arrested, detained or prosecuted for smoking ganja or possession of ganja at the event, or transporting ganja to the event, as long as they have complied with the amounts and conditions specified in the order declaring it an exempt event.” Here is a link to the New Jamaica Ganja Law Reform Fact Sheet.

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Rastafari RootzFest 2018 @ Long Bay Beach Park, Negril

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Rastafari RootzFest 2018 @ Long Bay Beach Park, Negril

Rastafari Rootzfest is a comprehensive, educational and well-organized Rastafari event that celebrates Rastafari ideology, livity and culture, tells the story of Rastafari struggle for the legalization of ganja, and celebrates the decriminalization.

Long Bay Beach Park

Norman Manley Boulevard

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When Fri From 12/14/2018 to 12/16/2018