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The Jamaican Business Directory encourages you to list your business, or organization in the Jamaican Business Directory.  We provide you with four categories of listings. 


There is a Bronze listing which is complementary, at not cost to you.  If you would like additional listing features, the Silver, Gold, and Diamond listing categories will provide you with a combination of the following features at very reasonable rates: Title / Address, Ratings and Reviews,  Detail View, Backlink, Deal, Phone, E-mail, Url Address, Fax Number, Summary Description, Badges, Detail Description, Photo Gallery, Video, Additional Uploads, Hours, Google Map Location reference, and Facebook Social Plugin Features.


You can view the four listing categories, with a sample of each category, by clicking on the “Advertise” link in the menu at top of each Web Page.


Featured listings

Barry J. Hough Sr. - Internet Tourism & Social Media Marketing Consultant

Barry J. Hough Sr. is an Internet Tourism Marketing Consultant, Publisher, Editor, Photographer / Videographer, and Photojournalist. He has been providing Internet Tourism Marketing Services in the US since 1994 and in Jamaica since 2001.

Antsman Tours Jamaica

Antsman Tours of Negril Jamaica provides quality, informative, safe and friendly Airport Transfers from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay and Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston and Sight-Seeing Land & Cruise Ship excursions.

A and A Shuttle and Tours Jamaica

A & A Shuttle & Tours Jamaica provides Sangster International Airport transfers to accommodations and tours with air-conditioned vehicles, fully insured, Jamaican Tourist Board licensed, and will accommodate you with outstanding comfort and safety.

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Falmouth - Trelawny Recreation - Things to Do 1
Falmouth - Trelawny Shopping 1
Hanover - Lucea Jamaica Resort & Hotels 8
Jamaican Air Taxi and Charter Services 2
Jamaican Airport Lounges 2
Jamaican Airport Transfers 134
Jamaican Attractions 39
Jamaican Beach Restaurants and Bars 22
Jamaican Business Directories 1
Jamaican Caterers - Caterers in Jamaica 7
Jamaican Cliff Side Restaurants and Bars 14
Jamaican Domestic Airlines 2
Jamaican Events 4
Jamaican Exempt Ganja Events 1
Jamaican Internet Marketing Consultants 5
Jamaican Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K 1
Jamaican Photography Services 14
Jamaican Professional and Business Services 57
Jamaican Real Estate Brokers / Companies 1
Jamaican Reggae Concerts 1
Jamaican Resorts and Hotels 179
Jamaican Restaurants - Dining 181
Jamaican Shopping 3
Jamaican Taxi and Tour Operators 134
Jamaican Taxi and Tours 131
Jamaican Tours 164
Jamaican Transportation 170
Jamaican Travel Guides - Travel Guides for Jamaica 4
Jamaican Vehicle / Car Rental Companies 37
Jamaican Wedding Services - Weddings in Jamaica 124
Kingston Night Life - Night Life in Kingston 1
Kingston Norman Manley International Lounge 1
Kingston Professional and Business Services 23
Kingston Public Service Organizations 1
Kingston Recreation - Things to Do 1
Kingston Resorts & Hotels 25
Kingston Restaurants - Dining in Kingston 44
Kingston Shopping - Shopping in Kingston 1
Mandeville Night Life - Night Life in Mandeville 1
Mandeville Professional and Business Services 3
Mandeville Public Service Organizations 1
Mandeville Recreation - Things to Do 1
Mandeville Resorts & Hotels 3
Mandeville Restaurants - Dining in Mandeville 14
Mandeville Shopping - Shopping in Mandeville 1
Montego Bay Night Life - Night Life in Montego Bay 2
Montego Bay Professional and Business Services 23
Montego Bay Public Service Organizations 1
Montego Bay Resorts & Hotels 40
Montego Bay Restaurants - Dining in Montego Bay 21
Montego Bay Sangster International Airport Lounge 1
Montego Bay Shopping - Shopping in Montego Bay 2
Negril Attractions & Jamaican Attractions 34
Negril Medical Services 3
Negril News...! 3
Negril Night Life 7
Negril Professional and Business Services 18
Negril Public Service Organizations 11
Negril Recreation - Things to Do 39
Negril Resort and Hotels 60
Negril Restaurants - Dining in Negril 85
Negril Shopping 5
Ocho Rios Night Life - Night Life in Ocho Rios 1
Ocho Rios Professional and Business Services 4
Ocho Rios Public Service Organizations 1
Ocho Rios Recreation - Things to Do 1
Ocho Rios Resorts & Hotels 19
Ocho Rios Restaurants - Dining in Ocho Rios 14
Ocho Rios Shopping - Shopping in Ocho Rios 1
Port Antonio Night Life - Night Life in Port Antonio 1
Port Antonio Professional and Business Services 1
Port Antonio Public Service Organizations 1
Port Antonio Recreation - Things to Do 2
Port Antonio Resorts & Hotels 7
Port Antonio Restaurants - Dining in Port Antonio 4
Port Antonio Shopping - Shopping in Port Antonio 1
Runaway Bay Resorts & Hotels 12
South Coast Resorts & Hotels 10
Treasure Beach Resorts & Hotels 4
Where to Stay in Falmouth - Trelawny Jamaica 4
Where to Stay in Hanover - Lucea Jamaica 13
Where to Stay in Jamaica 197
Where to Stay in Kingston 21
Where to Stay in Mandeville 3
Where to Stay in Montego Bay Jamaica 41
Where to Stay in Negril Jamaica 83
Where to Stay in Ocho Rios 19
Where to Stay in Port Antonio 7

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